How It Works

EM-BOLT® has revolutionized the connection of steel beams to concrete construction. EM-BOLT uses a pre-welded bolted connection in lieu of the field-welded connection which has been the standard up to this point. It also employs loose anchor bolts that are threaded into the embed plate after it is installed in the concrete form. This greatly reduces the labor required to install EM-BOLT in and around rebar. This feature means EM-BOLT embed plates are less cumbersome, making them easier to handle and install.

EM-BOLT’s breakthrough engineering creates a direct load transfer from the steel beam structural connection bolts to the anchor bolts in the concrete. This “bolt-to-bolt” design distributes the load evenly to all embedded anchors producing a much more reliable structural connection.

Improved Quality and Reliability

EM-BOLT improves quality, accuracy, and reliability in steel beam construction. First, AWS master welders weld the bolts in a controlled indoor environment. This allows for quality control inspection and accuracy on 100% of the welds. On an average job site, only 25% of plate welds are inspected. All EM-BOLT welds are performed in a controlled interior environment without the hazards of inclement weather, wind, ladders, scaffolding, poor lighting or awkward alignment angles, which delivers accuracy and consistency.

EMBOLT_Impact Drill Narrow Space
Fastening an EM-BOLT BEP-3 to the concrete formwork

“...using EM-BOLT embed plates has saved 32-40 manhours on an 11,000 square foot project. That time savings ripples through the rest of the schedule...”

— Brett Grimes
Stewart Construction, Inc.
Essex Jct., VT


“...the EM-BOLT Division has revised their details to offer Thermal Pads affixed directly to the EM-BOLT Plate, so when the concrete forms are stripped the Thermal Pads are already in place. This reduces labor costs, as the erector no longer needs to install the loose thermal pad..."

— Mark Dutton
Project Manager
Jeffords Steel & Engineering
Plattsburgh, NY

“After working through the most efficient procedure with Tim and the fabricators, the installation of the framing to the EM-BOLT plates can be completed in 1/3 the time that fully welded connections require."

— Bill Michaud
CSE Inc.
Williston, VT