Standard Boltable Embed Plates

  • EM-BOLT® is manufactured in six (6) different models. These range from a standard AISC (1-row, 2-bolt) to a standard AISC (6-row, 12 bolt) double angle connection.
  • The plates are available standard painted on exposed surface or weather-shield coated for permanently exposed applications.
  • All welding is completed by AWS Certified welders
  • Plates are welded and assembled locally in Vermont
  • All EM-BOLT products are checked for quality control prior to shipping to assure no misaligned threads in the field.
  • EM-BOLT has been field tested in Vermont in well over 100,000 square feet of commercial buildings.
  • Full-scale load tested to sustain of working load of almost 600% of the maximum load required by the 2015 International Building Code and Appendix D of ACI-318. Read full test report here.

Standard EM-BOLT Models

Newly installed EM-BOLT BEP-3 at Autumn Pond, Essex Jct, VT