"I can conservatively say that using EM-BOLT® embed plates has saved 32-40 manhours on an 11,000 square foot project. That time savings ripples through the rest of the schedule, and is imperative to meeting deadlines on fast-paced schedules.”

Brett Grimes
Stewart Construction, Inc. (Essex Jct., VT)

"As a Project Manager at Jeffords Steel & Engineering, I find the use of the EM-BOLT® Products to be very effective. The EM-BOLT Division works closely with you during the submittal process keeping a close eye on the count and quantities required. They are prompt with revised costs to you as soon as submittal process is completed. The fact that EM-BOLT delivers the approved products to the site for you is also a big plus. Recently, the EM-BOLT Division has revised their details to offer Thermal Pads affixed directly to the EM-BOLT Plate, so when the concrete forms are stripped the Thermal Pads are already in place. This reduces labor costs, as the erector no longer needs to install the loose thermal pad. Our erectors have also found these embed plates easy to work with. They can go to the site ahead of main steel deliveries and install all the clip angles to be ready to drop beams in place upon their arrival. We have now done quite a few projects using EM-BOLT, and we are very pleased with their coordination, costs, and prompt deliveries. We recommend their use to all."

Mark Dutton
Project Manager,
Jeffords Steel & Engineering (Plattsburgh, NY)